PapaStanimus consistently hosts 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 tournaments every day! Tournaments are streamed LIVE on twitch Monday-Friday starting at 12pm Mountain Time (Denver).

Prize breakdown:

All tournaments with 15+ players have prizes! Currently, prizes are random steam games of varying values. If a PapaStanimus tournament has less than 30 players, there is no prize and the tournament is just for funsies.

  • 15+ Players = 1 Steam Games Per Winner
  • 30+ Players = 2 Steam Games Per Winner
  • 60+ Players = 4 Steam Games Per Winner
  • 90+ Players = 6 Steam Games Per Winner
  • (THE BIG HUNDO) 100+ Players = 10 Steam Games Per Winner + 100 ingame credits (if on Steam platform)

Prize redemption:

  • Prizes are only given out to winners of tournaments with 30 players or more.
  • Each winner must redeem their prize individually.
  • Prizes are redeemed in the Game Rebel discord. You can join the discord via or Alternatively you can search for our server by typing Game Rebel when adding a server.
  • In discord, post in the #redeem-tournament-prize utilizing this format, “Hey, my team [Team Name] and we won a [x players] [1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4] tournament”. If you do not follow this format, your post will be deleted and you will need to repost correctly to redeem.
  • Must be following PapaStanimus on twitch!
  • If you win a 30+ player game that was not streamed on twitch, please provide a screenshot to [GR] PapaStanimus on discord for proof. We don’t want to require this, but some people be scamming!