How to Play Earthbound 2 (Mother 3) with English Translation

If you don’t know by now, there is a sequel to the masterpiece of a game called Earthbound on Gameboy Advance. It was only released in Japan and was titled Mother 3, which means in Japan Earthbound was actually called Mother 2, which means, yes, there is a prequel to Earthbound called Mother.

If you have played Earthbound and did not know there was a sequel, you are probably creaming your pants right now and wondering how to get it. Well guess what? I am going to show you how to acquire and translate the game to English.

Here is how to play Earthbound 2 (Mother 3) in English.

Step 1: Ensure you have an unzip program installed to your computer. Winamp and 7zip are great free choices.

Step 2: Download the Mother 3 (Japan) rom from your favorite provider. We like Emuparadise.

Step 3: Download a Gameboy Advance emulator. We like VisualBoyAdvance, however there are several to choose from.

Step 4: Download the Mother 3 English translation patch.

Step 5: Unzip all files into a new folder.

Step 6: Run the translation patch. It will ask you to locate the Mother 3 rom, do so and run the patch.

Step 7: Run Gameboy Advance emulator and load the newly patched Mother 3 rom and enjoy having your mind blown.

Bonus: Check out Cory Johnson’s Earthbound album!

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