How to Install Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic) Mods [Bonus: Graphics Overhaul Pack]


Released by modder Maveritchell 8 years ago, this mod gives players access to 25 official new maps and 5 game modes. When the game first came out, it had multiple DLC for various platforms, and this mod brings all that wonderful DLC to one place for us all to enjoy. Recently the Steam version released an update breaking a previous method of making this mod work. Luckily a modder named Spiret created a patch, which we have included within our tutorial.

Before attempting to install these mods, please understand this is a very touchy sequence of instructions. If you install anything out of order, your game may not work properly.

Installing Battlefront 2 Classic Mods:

  1. (if previous attempts at modding) delete the game and reinstall fresh.
  2. Download patches/mods:
    1. SWBF2-v1.3patch.exe (This is an unofficial game patch)
    2. ConvoPackInstaller.exe (This installs the new maps and gamemodes)
    3. ConPack2.2Patch.exe (This makes multiplayer work for new maps and gamemodes)
    4. (Graphics overhaul pack. Everyone uses it, highly recommended.)
  3. Install 1.3 patch. Ensure to install into your Battlefront II game directory.
  4. Install ConvoPack to game directory.
  5. Install ConvoPack Patch to game directory.
  6. Extract Battlefront_II_2017_Graphics_Pack contents into game directory.
  7. Run game > options> disable bloom and antialiasing (required for graphics pack to work)
  8. Join a server and enjoy!

Multiplayer Troubleshooting techniques:

  • * Not a “Fix” but hosting your own servers through SW BF:2 seems to work, even if you can’t normally join servers though it is laggy/buggy. Good for matches with friends or attempting to start your own P2P server
  • * Change the Host Bandwidth in the Online settings to 1.5M/3M/6M
  • * Verify the game cache
  • * Clear Steam download cache
  • * Set “/lang 0” as a launch option through the Steam Properties menu
  • * Set the exe compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
  • * Uninstall all mods
  • * Reinstall the game (Does not uninstall mods)
  • * Cry (rarely works)

If you still experience freezing, here are a couple fixes for that:

  • * When it says “Busy” after clicking Multiplayer, hover your cursor over the “Cancel” button until it’s finished
  • * Immediately after pressing Multiplayer alt + tab out of the game for approximately 10 seconds then tab back in


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