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How to Borderless Windowed Mode Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

You bought this amazing game on PC and after you boot it up the first thing you do is look for borderless window mode. Then you ask yourself, “Why is borderless windowed mode in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition not a thing”. You then went to google and you searched “borderless windowed mode final fantasy xv” and stumbled upon the most magical website in existence right now.

Here is how you solve your problem:

  1. On your PC go to %userprofile%\Documents\my games\FINAL FANTASY XV\Steam\[random_number_sequence]\savestorage\GraphicsConfig.ini
  2. Open GraphicsConfig.ini
  3. Change “HardwareFullScreenMode=1” to “HardwareFullScreenMode=0”
    borderless windowed mode final fantasy xv
  4. Save and you are done!

Note: If you do not see document “GraphicsConfig.ini”, you have to open your game, change a graphics setting, and then save. “GraphicsConfig.ini” will then appear.

  • Ruck
    May 18, 2018

    Oh my god thanks, you saved my day!

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