Heavily modified Nintendo 64. Switchless, remote, backlit, RGB N64 mod.


Youtube user CPS2 has created arguably the most visually pleasing and elegant custom N64 the world has ever seen. Using a minimalist style, CPS2 has removed power and reset buttons, minimized controller ports to one (with an adapter port in the back that allows more controllers), a crackled gold/silver finish, moved power light, backlit console logo and remote controlled power and reset. See for yourself below.

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  • Arturo Garcia1

    July 13, 2017

    How much should i pay for this console?

  • Kevin Hogan2

    March 13, 2017

    My name is Kevin Hogan, I live in Chino CA United states.

    Im 28 years old. I enjoy painting consoles for fun and trying to modify them though im not that good at it. I was wondering if i could see a picture of the inside of the N64 maybe as you were building it. I want to attempt to make one similiar to it, for my own personal fun. I was wondering if i could buy the parts list from you. Not the general parts list but the actual in detail parts list.

    That N64 is really nice. Im selling some painted ps1 right now on ebay. Ebay seller Us-solidsnake is my seller id and samus is my profile picture. Check them out.

    Thanks from

    Kevin Hogan


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