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GR Affiliate Program FAQ

We want to be as clear as possible about the purpose of the affiliate program, the benefits, the requirements, and how it all works. We’ve compiled a list of common questions for everyone to help ensure everyone is on the same page.

Q. What is the Game Rebel Affiliate Program?

A. The GR Affiliate Program is a platform created to help startup and veteran streamers take their stream to the next level. The mission is to help streamers, help themselves. We don’t promise viewers, hosts, or follows. We promise knowledge and mentality.

Q. What does it mean to adopt the Game Rebel winning lifestyle?

A. The first lesson from Game Rebel is to ensure you do not have a losing, can’t do attitude. To succeed, at anything, you must have a can do, winning attitude. As the great Chuck Dixx once said, no half assing half assers.

Q. What is Game Rebel Radio and why do I need it?

A. Game Rebel Radio is an optional to use set of licensed music that as a GR affiliate, you are welcome to play and use on your streams. We simply ask that the artists are credited.

Q. How do I gain rank in the Game Rebel discord?

A. XP and Ranks in the Game Rebel discord is acquired by leaving comments. By interacting with your fellow streamers and gamers, you gain XP and level up.

Q. Where does one acquire the Game Rebel visual assets for their stream?

A. You can download GR visual assets here.

Q. Where do I place graphics and where/what do I link to?

A. For level 1-2 affiliates, we ask that you place Game Rebel branding in your twitch panels area, and link to either our discord or website. Twitch panel area can be found by going to your twitch page and hitting the about section.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Easy! Simply fill out this form: https://forms.gle/B8P4oRgaDEAx8XxF7