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Getting Started on Twitch

Many people decide to stream for many different reasons, but one nearly unanimous reason is because people want others to watch them play video games. Some people stream casually, some people are super try hard, however at the end of the day, people go LIVE for one reason. Because other people can see them. They want to be seen. They want to interact with others while they game. Getting started on twitch is the common ground that unites us all as streamers.

Although having “viewers”, whether its a lot or a little, is what just about everyone streaming wants, convincing people to watch harder than you think, but with some basic essentials covered getting started is easier than you think. Going in with a positive can-do attitude, a good smile and and some genuine effort will give you the edge over most of the others. Before going any further, I want to make it clear that this article is intended for those who have already started streaming but are looking for some basic general direction regarding how to move forward.

Getting started you will want to cover these three major areas:

1. First of all, before you worry about anyone ever tuning in, you need to figure out how to go online and have an acceptable amount of audio/video quality. Choppy/buffery streams have zero chance of success. Streams with poorly planned or even completely ignored audio settings have it pretty rough as well. Having basic audio and video quality goes a long way. It does not take much to get this to a minimum acceptable level. Some of the biggest streamers on the platform have their audio and video at the bare minimum acceptable quality.

2. Once you have your audio and video under control, next step is to just start livestreaming and meeting other livestreamers. Networking. Create content, and meet other people who make content. This seems simple enough however many people approach this incorrectly. Networking is a poor term for this part of the process. A better term would be making friends. You are on a platform with other streamers, a platform where who you know really matters. The best way to get to know people, is to make friends. Being genuine in this department is critical. If you are a phony who just wants something from someone else, people will find out and you will look like a douche. And people talk.

3. Finally, the most important aspect to getting started is focusing on yourself as the performer. Nothing is more important than your performance as the act, the host, the person who is leading the content. Every time you go live is a chance to practice becoming a better performer. The video games, the music, the anything is all secondary to you the host of the show. All other components to the show other than yourself are just a tool for you to enhance the broadcast. Try to not allow any of these components to become the most interesting part of your cast. You must remain the main event. There are many very skilled gamers on twitch who are very poor entertainers, and for many of them, their metrics reflect this. Remember, the game is just a tool to bring people in. It’s you that they return for. Becoming an entertainer is the most important aspect that will determine the fate of your stream.

These are just the basics to cover during your streaming pilgrimage. The journey is long an difficult. Many will not succeed. Only the strongest, most clever and those with the most grit persevere. If you read this article and agree or disagree I would love to know in the comments below. If you have any other suggestions you feel people should know also, please leave those in the comments as well.

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