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Getting a big twitch host is not going to save you

A lot of streamers believe that getting hosted on twitch by a big streamer is the lucky break they need. It’s not. There is no big streamer that is going to magically put you on the path to success with a host, no matter how big that number is. Viewers are loyal to their streamers. Converting them to join you is not something that is going to happen on a massive level. You may get a few viewers that stay, some subs. But over the next hour you will notice those number across the board from the host subside.

In order for getting raided on twitch to have a huge impact on your stream, you will need to get that big badass host over and over again every day you go live. That is something that just does not happen to your average streamer. The daily exposure on your channel is going to come from one person, yourself. You are the person who is ultimately responsible for exposure. There is no big twitch host that is going to save you.

Today, having a successful stream requires three major elements, quality, content, and exposure. If you are missing one of those elements, you are going to have a bad time. Today, the subject is exposure, which out of the three elements is by far the most difficult problem to solve. There is not many “meta” based methods of getting exposure. It requires creativity, experimentation, luck, mentors. Yes, some people get platformed by a bigger entity, but most of us, we are on our own.

Now this seems like quite the impossible task, but lets look at it from another perspective. It can actually be quite easy. The vast majority of streamers will never get many viewers or get very far. It’s the cold hard truth of the business. Most streamers will not do what it takes to win. This leaves you an incredible opportunity of not having much competition anymore. Anybody can reach the top 1% of twitch streamers with the most basic niche, which is how most successful streamers find their success. A niche. Something that you do for the viewers. Giving the people what they want. Mastering that content and how you deliver it to more people than your peers is how you win. Godspeed.

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