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Geralt of Rivet City 16: Finale


Making Geralt of Rivet City comics has been good to me. It helped put me on the map a little as an artist, and also helped push my creativity to new limits that I am extremely proud of. I am super thankful to all my fans that supported me throughout the Geralt of Rivet City comics and beyond! But now it’s time for me to try out a lot of my other ideas! Lately I have been on an X-Files binge and decided to make a handful of comics dedicated to that wonderful series. I am also having fun with Pokemon ideas, Star Wars and some comics that use characters that are 100% created by me.

With that said, this is not the end of Geralt of Rivet City entirely. There will be a return eventually!

Love, Bucky

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Bonus: We have started selling Geralt of Rivet City posters! As the comic grows in popularity, so do servers costs and so does our desire to try to make a little side honey to grow the website further! To keep the website ad free (we hate them…) we decided to start selling limited edition Geralt vs the Deathclaw posters!

The Original Buckycarbon Art Piece that Inspired the Witcher / Fallout Crossover Comic

11″ x 18″ Geralt vs the Deathclaw Poster

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