Geralt of Rivet City 11: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!

What has horns but you can't see it?

What has horns but you can’t see it?

Geralt of Rivet City is here to protect poor vault dwellers from ghosts. But how can he fight what he can’t see?

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We have started selling Geralt of Rivet City posters! As the comic grows in popularity, so do servers costs and so does our desire to try to make a little side honey to grow the website further! To keep the website ad free (we hate them…) we decided to start selling limited edition Geralt vs the Deathclaw posters!

The Original Buckycarbon Art Piece that Inspired the Witcher / Fallout Crossover Comic

11″ x 18″ Geralt vs the Deathclaw Poster

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