GameRebelTV rebrands as PapaStanimus, an explanation.


This past weekend I changed my twitch name from GameRebelTV to PapaStanimus, a move I have been wanting to make for quite a while now.

In the business world, I learned that the longer you take to rebrand something, the more expensive it becomes. I wish I rebranded at the beginning of the year instead of now, however I could not come up with a name that I liked enough. Originally I wanted to change to PapaStan, but that name is taken by an abandoned account. This weekend it dawned on me “I am Stanimus in some games… I should be… PapaStanimus!”. I turned 30 in February, which is basically a very old man in twitch time, hence, I am now Papa. I even found a grey hair in me beard. Papa knows best.

GameRebelTV was originally founded to be another outlet of entertainment for this website, Over 3 years however, the twitch channel became 99% about me, and 1% about the website. That 1% essentially being in name only. Over time I realized that I really don’t like people calling me by my website name, and I grew tired of educating people of my operation. “If you have to explain your name to everyone, you should probably change it”, I ended up realizing. So, I did it.

With that said, some people are sad to see the name change. They grew attached to the name GameRebelTV and wish I would have kept it.Well, I have good news. Game Rebel is going to stay, however via an ascended form. Game Rebel will continue as a group. A community of streamers who help each other. Game Rebel is now our flag, and our flag is not a single twitch channel but many. Very soon I will be announcing more details around this idea and how it is going to help streamers trying to grow, but for now I must do more work behind the scenes to ensure that we succeed in what I am trying to do with what Game Rebel is to become.

I love you all, thank you so much for understanding, and thank you for caring about the name change! See you on the next cast, and remember Papa knows best.


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