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Game Rebel Radio is now live!

I’m proud to announce that Game Rebel Radio is now live! Game Rebel Radio is a 24/7 live internet radio broadcast featuring the best tracks from underground/independent artists from all over the world. Utilizing the power of twitch and livestreaming, Game Rebel Radio is syndicated to various streamers within the Game Rebel Network, most notably PapaStanimus, drawing in massive attention to the independent artists involved.

To my knowledge, nobody is doing anything like this, and I hope I can prove to other streamers that the big answer to their copyright issues on twitch, is to work alongside independent music artists. The world of livestreaming and the world of music are very similar to each other in many ways, and can work with each other in many more ways than are currently being done today. Much like at home you can put on a high DYI production on twitch, musicians are doing the same with their own craft. The two worlds need to be much more symbiotic with one another than they currently are today, and that is my goal with Game Rebel Radio.

You can check out Game Rebel Radio at gamerebel.net/radio which plays 24 hours a day, or you can catch the music via PapaStanimus’s stream Monday – Friday starting at 12pm MT.

  • September 21, 2018


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