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Game Rebel is Looking for Writers

I had a very interesting idea after much contemplation of what it would take to get people to help write articles on Game Rebel. Not having any money to pay someone to create content for me, how does one convince people to start writing, and then continue on with it as time goes on?

The solution came to me not too long ago, and the solution is very simple. Allow writers to place their own google ads on their articles. This provides a real, hard return on investment for your efforts. You write an article, select your profile for the sidebar and wala, your ads on there earning you money every click, and you keep everything you earn. It’s that simple.

The goal is to get enough quality gaming/nerd content created so we can start increasing site traffic, which increases everyone’s overall ad rev. If we all work together and create articles people want to read, we all win.

To get signed up, simply register an account and fill out this application.

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