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game rebel update

Game Rebel Community Update: Patreon, Free Coaching, Discord, Pro League, Minecraft

It’s been a while since we made any big announcements with updates, so lets do this! A lot of things have changed and we have so much to talk about. Lets get right into it.

We launched a Patreon!

It’s a been a long time coming, and we feel we are finally ready to do this. We have some cool starter perks to get started and plan on adding more as we go. This is a super cool way to support Game Rebel and help afford more cool things for the community. If we can earn enough money from Patreon, we would love to use it to contract and pay our up and coming esports players!

We made some changes to Discord!

A lot of changes have happened in the discord as many of you can see.

  • We’ve marked channels and categories with emojis to make different sections easier to find and see.
  • We added roles that you can get by vising #get-roles. This allows you to subscribe to announcements for specific things within the community. Helps us keep announcement spam for you guys to a minimum.
  • Movie nights have made a return! Currently the schedule is just about every night and anyone can host movies. Check out #movie-nights to see what tonight’s movie is.
  • Game Rebel Pro Scrims are currently in a hiatus. Our host Broken Record has tragically had his computer poop out on him. He is working on getting back online. Until we have a new host or Record comes back, we are going to pause scrims.

Minecraft is back!

We are bringing back the Minecraft server! We are going to keep it open to the community starting out. If we can avoid having too many problems with hackers and grievers we can keep it that way. Starting out we are going to keep it pretty vanilla with some lightweight quality of life plugins. We plan on offering flying and larger personal vaults to patreon members. If anyone is interested in modding/admin this server plase let me know! Keep an eye on #minecraft for server details.

Game Rebel Pro League Updates:

The GRPL was pushed out two weeks for administrative purposes. There was a lot more to think out than we expected, but with the extra time we have essentially finalized the entire program. We have some good help currently but are still looking for more.  I am looking for tourney staff to help organize and answer questions, mods to keep people from killing each other, casters to help turn the games into content. If you would like to get involved DM me. Also, we are on liquidpedia! Big thanks to @andiii.

Esports Tryouts!

Our roster has opened up! We are looking for high GC players who want to go pro. Must be highly driven, a team player, and understand the vision of our org and how we intend to move forward.

New mods!

We have many new mods and I would like to welcome them. Big welcome to @Funzell @Honey @OldManRadium @Over9000 @razorrixgaming @toasterocto and @wardogs and thanks for joining the mod crew.


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