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Game Rebel Community Update: Fall 2020

Hi everyone, PapaStanimus here with another community update! A lot of absolutely incredible work has been done since our last update. Our achievements continue to stack up as our community grows and gets more organized.

Discord Partner!

The first update I would like to announce… We got Discord Partner! This community began as my twitch chat, and has grown to become a powerhouse! I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish, starting from the ground up. We currently sit at 6000 members as of today, and there is no signs of slowing down!

Valorant 10 mans are back! Sortof…

We are officially running Valorant 10 mans once again, however! Discord recently launched a big update which caused our bot to break. ELO bot devs said hopefully fixed by end of the week. In the meantime, we are just running them the old fashioned way. I’m also interested in testing out a new idea… Squad queuing system. You queue up and the bot helps find you a squad to go grind ranked or whatever. Just an idea. DM if interest is peaked.

Among Us 10 mans!

This game took the world by storm and it would be an absolute shame if Game Rebel were not involved. We are running games nightly, just get the Among Us role in #get-roles. We have a few hosts and are always looking for more to help keep the games going.

League of Legends 10 mans! NA and EUW

That’s right, League of Legends 10 mans for BOTH North America and Europe West. Games run daily, get your role in #get-roles channel. Again, always looking for hosts.

Team Game Rebel!

Stream team has reached over 170 members! many of who are getting affiliate and taking their broadcasts to a another level. if your on the team, set up a 1 on 1 with me so we can go over your stuff! Since we are getting so big, I definitely need help keeping this organized. Please reach out if you can help.
Apply to team here: https://gamerebel.net/team-requirements

Minecraft server!

Our Minecraft server is still live! I’m still working on a few things to make this be really cool for everyone, but for now the server is fully functional! Get full details at the https://gamerebel.net/minecraft page. Streamers / admins wanted for some dope content ideas!

Squad server is live!

We have done it. We have a Squad server! Server name is “Game Rebel | #1 NA Server discord.gg/gamerebel” if you want to play. Its very new so we are still building a base community to help seed the server. Our server is officially licensed through Squad devs and is 100 slots. For those who don’t know what Squad is, it’s a 50 vs 50 military sim combat game. Think Battlefield on steroids. It’s the ultimate teamwork game. Players wanted!


Funny timing, its actually election night! After I post this, I am going to go ride my motorcycle a bit. It’s 75 degrees here. When I come back I am hosting an Election Night party in discord! BYOB

Yours Truly,
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