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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay from Playstation Experience 2015

In case you missed it, PlayStation Experience is going on now, and Sony started out with a bang!

The Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay footage really started off the show and everybody is going nuts! The video below details an action battle system that looks absolutely amazing, along with great 3D shots and voices of a few of our favorite characters including Cloud, Barret, Jesse, Biggs and Wedge. The footage seems to be a summarize of the initial bombing mission in the original game as well as depict some brief gameplay elements such as action combat, map movement and cut scenes. …I’ll just shut up for now and you can take a look for yourself.

ff7 remake avalanch escaping

Avalanche team blowing through a wall to make their escape after the terrorist bombing.

ff7 remakebarret standing in front of train

Barret making his appearance after Avalanche disembarks the train at the beginning of the game.

ff7 remake shinra soliders in truck

Shinra soldiers flanking Cloud after the terrorist bombing.

ff7 remake shinra soldiers

Shinra soldiers looking in awe over a ledge after Cloud makes a daring jump onto a passing train.

ff7 remake shinra soldier

Closeup of Shinra soldier while they flank Cloud after terrorist bombing.

ff7 remake jesse and biggs

Jesse and Biggs discussing the new Avalanche member Cloud.

ff7 remake jesse and barret

Barret and Biggs unlocking security doors to get to where they need to plant the bomb.

ff7 remake cloud shinra standoff

Cloud facing off with Shinra soldiers after the bombing.

ff7 remake cloud shimmying

Cloud making his escape after the bombing. Great depiction of movement and camera angles.

ff7 remake cloud running gameplay movement

Cloud continuing to make his escape. Notice movement and camera placement. The surroundings look fantastic.

ff7 remake cloud running gameplay movement 4

Cloud maneuvering through the city. Notice NPC’s and buildings. The team at SE is really bringing life to the remake.

ff7 remake cloud running gameplay movement 3

Cloud maneuvering through the city. Notice the attention to detail. Trash on the ground, homeless, dirty grime and air.

ff7 remake cloud running gameplay movement 2

Cloud escaping after the bombing. He is likely just about to run into the flower girl.

ff7 remake cloud running from soliders

Cloud running away from Shinra soldiers. Wonder if you have the choice to fight or run.

ff7 remake cloud ready to fight

The most dramatic shot from the entire gameplay trailer. Cloud is ready for a fight.

ff7 remake cloud jumping on train

Cloud making his daring escape by jumping onto a moving train to escape Shinra soldiers.

ff7 remake cloud in combat gameplay

The combat mechanics seem to be a great mix between turn based and action based combat. We assume that the player makes menu based selections and the character follows out orders displaying great action animations.

ff7 remake cloud in combat gameplay 5

Notice how all the selections in the menu are an exact replica of what you would find in the original game.

ff7 remake cloud in combat gameplay 4

Lighting attacks look fantastic. We also noticed that “Summon” is available, even though summoning was not available at this time in the original game. Perhaps its for testing purposes. Keep in mind the game will not be finished for at least two more years.

ff7 remake cloud in combat gameplay 3

The fire magic attacks looks fantastic.

ff7 remake cloud in combat gameplay 2

Definitely seeing some influence from Advent Children with Cloud’s ariel attacks.

ff7 remake cloud fighthing soldiers

In this shot it is clear that Cloud is definitely compensating for something by wielding such a large sword.

ff7 remake cloud ducking crouching

3rd person movement demonstrating Cloud crouching to move through a small space. It’s likely that the motion is activated by simply pressing an action button, knowing how SE has historically set their controls in games.

ff7 remake cloud and wedge

Cloud and Wedge having a brief conversation.

ff7 remake cloud and wedge 2

They did a great job at making Wedge a fat guy. A true tribute to the original game. Also note that the voice for Wedge really fits the character.

ff7 remake barret

They’ve given Barret tattoos and sunglasses which is a great addition to the character design. However, the voice for Barret, in our opinion, needs a bit of work.

ff7 remake barret with shades

They gave Barret dog tags indicating they may give him some sort of military background. In the original game he was a coal miner, but they never explained his life previously.

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