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Final Fantasy 7 on iOS

Final Fantasy 7 on iOS is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since the conception of the microchip.

Okay, now that my immediate unfiltered thought is out of the way, let us digest this event and give it a proper review. Lets start with the facts. Final Fantasy 7 is easily regarded as one of the best RPG’s of all time. The story, artwork, gameplay, music and CGI set a standard in the industry of gaming that changed lives. However, the game is nearly 20 years old now, and is quite dated. For younger gamers, Final Fantasy 7’s blocky textures, clunky movement, painted backgrounds and birds eye view make it difficult to digest. Which leaves the game to be mostly played by people seeking a trip down nostalgia lane. If you’ve played it, you know what to expect.

Lets talk iOS port. The game is pretty much what you would expect from a port, but in our opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. The new features available are a “No encounters button” which is quite handy, and a continuation from the PC release on Steam that allows you to max your stats. The game is 20 years old. If you want to see something drastically different, wait for the remake. Final Fantasy 7 on iOS is simply a legit means to emulate the classic on an iPhone or iPad, which is just fine with me. I own an iPhone 6 plus with a Mad Catzz bluetooth controller, and with that, I find it difficult to justify owning a PS Vita or any other handheld gaming device. My phone is powerful enough to do those things, and that is the only device I want to carry around with me. Being able to play FF7 on my iPhone without a jailbreak is very convenient, but lets be realistic. Playing it via Steam or on an actual console is a much more enjoyable experience. There is no battery life, no fingers in the way of the game screen, no cramped hands or calls and notifications to interrupt the experience.

All in all, at the end of the day, FF7 fans like myself are ecstatic to have the game in our pockets. The port is solid and relatively bug free from my experience so far. The graphics are a step down from PC but still much better than the filtered graphics experienced on a PS1. I will gladly purchase FF ports on iOS and PC to support Square-Enix’s decision to provide their masterpieces to the world beyond consoles.

Bonus! Check out some killer FF7 music remixes:

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