So I Figured Out How to Green Screen


During this past Black Friday I found good deals for a new Logitech webcam and a green screen sheet. I just got around to setting it up, and my, it was so much easier to do that I originally thought.

If you want to know how to green screen, you will need:

  • account
  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • 5-10 MBS upload speed
  • Decent computer with good video card
  • Green screen and some rope or string
  • 720p or above webcam (you can have lower quality, but it’s not recommended)
  • Headset or studio mic

First thing is to create your twitch account, then download and install OBS. Once OBS is installed, you need to connect OBS to your twitch account. You do this by adding a “profile” to OBS, and then going into setting and adding a “Stream Key”, which is found in your account.

obs twitch stream key

Next, you are going to want to ensure your mic and webcam are working with OBS successfully. Just hit “preview stream” to test. Once your mic and webcam are working, now you are going to want to hang your green screen behind your set. You want to make sure its nice and sturdy, and that it completely covers the background of your set. If your green screen does not cover everything, it will show in the background and make you look a little nooby. Next we need to go back into OBS and set up a few more things. First, lets set up your sources. A “source” is a video feed that OBS uses to display different things on your overall stream. You can have as many as you want, but for now lets keep it simple by sticking with a simple webcam and monitor feed.

obs sources

The next part gets a little tricky, so I recommend using the OBS stream settings estimator. Based on your computer and internet, you will need to select certain settings. One thing to keep in mind is that many people who watch twitch do not have the best internet settings, so you may want to downscale whatever resolution you game at to around 720p to make it easier for them to watch. In the webcam settings, you are going to need to adjust your properties for your webcam source.

green screen settings

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