How to Easily Make Trippy Kaleidoscope Effects in OBS

Have you seen those streamers on twitch that pull off those crazy kaleidoscope-like effects and wonder “How do I do that”? Well, today you get to learn.

To pull this off you need a camera, a greenscreen, and of course OBS.

  1. Create a new Scene.
  2. Add your webcam as a source via Video Capture Device. Size the source to fit the scene as needed.
  3. Add a new display capture, capturing OBS on the monitor you use to work from. Size to fit the scene entirely.
  4. Press and hold ALT on your keyboard while you drag edges of Display Capture, cropping away the OBS interface, revealing only the video preview.
  5. Once successfully cropped, resize scene to fit the whole canvas.
  6. Ensure that Video Capture Device is higher in the hierarchy of sources than Display Capture.
  7. Stretch / move / resize Display Capture as needed to achieve desired kaleidoscope like effects!

For a full video tutorial explaining how to create this effect please watch below.

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