Why EA’s Origin is a Good Thing


Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking. “What the FUCK did you just say? Those are fightin’ words!”. But wait! Let me explain!

Origin, when compared to Steam, sucks in nearly every way except customer support. However, over the years they have improved significantly, often times, directly matching Steams capabilities. Things such as download times, sales, free games, and stable networks are no longer exclusive only with Steam.

With that said, Origin is OWNED by EA, which is the PC gaming communities most hated company. While I understand that EA operates in a way that is unpopular with their customers, Origin is a team all on their own trying to play catch up and build the best thing they can. The two should be judged separately.

Okay, so Origin still epically sucks compared to Steam. Why is it a good thing?

One word: Competition. If Origin did not exist and prove that it can garner 8 million users for a single game, Steam would not be as good as it is today. The two are competing for market share. Steam is kicking ass and taking names, but Origin has proven that it can very quickly accumulate large sums of new accounts for their flagship games. This forces Steam to take notice and aggressively try to remain outside the reach of Origin, no matter how hard they try. This means better games and services for everyone. This is competition.

Here are some examples of other industries that benefit from the same situation.

Netflix and Amazon. Both provide great online movie/tv streaming alternatives, but one is vastly superior to the other, and they both benefit each other. Without Amazon Prime, Netflix would not have as many customers. Both existing at the same time cause the market of online streaming to have more value, and in turn garner more customers. And check this out, Netflix uses Amazon Web services! Their biggest competitor is the one provident them with hosting!

Apple, Google and Samsung. Apple was the first to create a modern smartphone and rocked the market. Others joined in the get a piece of the pie and started innovating their own operating systems and devices. Now everyone and their grandma has a smartphone. Whether it’s an Android or iPhone. Compare today’s smartphones with the first iPhone and my, how far we have come! Imagine how shitty phones would be if mega corporations were not fighting tooth and nail to have the best tech!

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