DrDisrespect Speaks on Ban, No Return to Twitch, The Full Story So Far

Today in esports and livestreaming news, DrDisrespect has come public releasing more statements regarding his twitch ban situation. In an interview with PC Gamer, The Doc stated “I will not be returning to Twitch, so, I mean, that’s it.”

On June 26th, it was discovered that Guy Beahm “DrDisrespect” was banned from the twitch platform. This was just after massive allegations had been made from women from all elements of the gaming industry. Big twitch personalities and executives such as Hassan Bokhari, Omeed Dariani and countless others. Twitch staff for the most part has gone radio silent on twitch since June, and many clients of OPG, the company Omeed was formerly CEO, have dropped the streaming management group.

On June 27th, Doc made a statement on twitch regarding his ban. Carefully worded, many have speculated that this was written by a legal team and that Doc does indeed know something about twitch’s “decision”.

More than two weeks later, after endless silence, doc begins to make statements in interviews with PC Gamer and The Washington Post. During the PC Gamer interview Doc began to speculate about his ban, but was cut off short by his publicist.


The silence around this event is one of the most incredible thing to me. This whole thing feels super unprofessional and is scary for creators on the twitch platform such as myself, who have invested so much of their time. I hope twitch can do better going forward as a platform. And when it come someone like DrDisrespect, leave it to him to make a big impactful return wherever he ends up, and come back stronger than ever.

Finally, Doc released a video on twitter with a very powerful message to the Champions Club.

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