Don’t stream on multiple platforms at once


Streaming technology has come a long way and given us a lot of possibilities with how we can get our content online. One of those technologies is, a magnificent product that the world of streaming absolutely needs and deserves. allows streamers to stream to multiple platforms for free, as well as use some premium features to take things even further. I have used it personally many times and it is absolutely excellent.

However, for most people trying to get into the world of streaming, being on multiple platforms at once causes more harm than it does good. Let me explain.

  1. Multiple active chats are impossible to monitor while simultaneously doing something else (playing a game, doing art, talk show, tutorial, etc etc). I’ve been here and can say that at about 50 chatters on both twitch and youtube simultaneously made it impossible to keep up  while flying spaceships for the first time in Star Citizen. It was a cluster fuck. Strike 1 if you need to be engaged with your chat.
  2. Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, are platforms that as a small creator, you really have to be all in on. If you spread yourself out between multiple platforms, one of the platforms will inevitably become the lowest performing. Your time is valuable and is the most important asset at your disposal. Being on too many streaming platforms will spread your attention causing all to take a hit. Focus your time and effort on ONE main streaming platform, and then use Youtube as your VOD/Video content platform. Networking and watching other creators, creating overlays and content, putting your hear and soul into multiple streaming platforms at once requires God like time management, and no other life responsibilities whatsoever. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform by far, followed by Youtube.
  3. Streaming on multiple platforms creates confusion and spreads your audience thin. For example, when you post on twitter that you are going live, which platform do you send people to? One of them? All of them? Either way your audience is now becoming less and less consolidated.
  4. Twitch, the biggest streaming platform has contractual agreements with affiliates and partners, that gives Twitch 24 hours exclusive rights to your content. That means, whatever you are streaming on twitch, its not allowed to be anywhere else for 24 hours. To become an affiliate on twitch you must average 3 viewers or more, which is extremely easy to do. Which means you will be under that contract in no time at all if you decide to have a streaming presence on the most popular streaming service on earth.

So what is the point of restream if streaming on multiple platforms is bad?

  1. If you stream on facebook, mixer, or youtube as your primary, you don’t really need or even care about Twitch’s 24 hour exclusivity rules.
  2. If you are a large company doing promotional streams, being on all platforms makes sense. You are not trying to be partnered or make a living. You are promoting a product. Restream is absolutely great for corporate promotional events.

In conclusion, streaming on multiple platforms is super distracting and will take away your focus. If you focus all your energy on one main streaming platform, you can do a much better job at the performance side of things, networking, friend making, content finding, business, and beyond. As well as the contractual issues that come with the Twitch package :/

Thank you for reading.

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