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Don’t allow toxic people to be a part of your community

We all start at the bottom with no viewers. We work hard to build a small viewership on twitch, and beyond. Through the hours spent streaming we come across a lot of different people. These people we interact with and try to get them to stay. It’s our job to collect as many people into our community as possible. However. Often you will find yourself coming across people who just are not the most pleasant. The kind of people you would simply just walk away from in the real world. These are toxic people. They exist on twitch in droves. Twitch and other streaming sites are plagued with them.

As the streamer it is your duty to keep your community in check. If you do not want to have a toxic community, you need to spot the toxic people as they show up and boot them out as soon as possible. With enough practice you will be able to instantly tell who belongs in your community and who doesn’t. With that said, sometimes a few will slip through the cracks and integrate themselves in the community. When that happens, even if they have been around for a while, and it could be an unpopular opinion to remove them from the community, you need to do what needs to be done. Being the leader of a community comes with it’s fair share of uncomfortable situations, and it’s up to you to have the strength to make the right decision.

Your community is a direct representation of you and your brand. As your community grows it begins to take a shape and personality.  Never be so desperate for viewers that you allow the toxic people to stay and tarnish everything you have built. Some people just don’t fit into your community and you need to be the one who separates them. Or a team of trusty mods who understand what needs to be done.


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