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Dead Air: How to keep the conversation going on twitch

Dead air occurs in broadcasting when no audio program is transmitted for an extended period of time, usually more than a few seconds. Dead air is bad for business. During a twitch stream, although there may be video game visual and a face cam, lack of talking can really tone down the excitement levels, causing people to start feeling bored. Although many people are skilled and can display great gameplay, keeping the conversation going really goes a long way.

New streamers often have a lot of dead air in their casts, which is understandable. It’s not normal to just keep… talking, and talking and talking. However if a new streamer has any ambitions on twitch, getting in the habit of keeping the conversation going non-stop is essential.

We’ve all seen streams when the caster is essentially mute, and we all know how boring that is. Everyone that streams owes it to themselves to watch their own casts and ensure they don’t have too much dead air.

Here are some tips to avoid dead air on your cast:

  • Talk about current events and your opinions of them. Ask your chat their opinions. Try to get a back and forth discussion about the current event.
  • Tell stories, even if you’ve told them many times before. Everyone like to hear a story, and hearing a person tell a story is a cool way to get to know a little more about them. Stories that you know are easy to tell, because, you already know them!
  • Talk about things you know about. It’s easy to go on and on about things you know about. All the info is already in your head.
  • Talk about your goals and mission as a streamer. This is easy to talk about as well as interesting for a viewer to listen to because they are already invested in your stream. People who are invested enjoy hearing the goals and aspirations of their favorite streamers, and love to get onboard.
  • Talk about life lessons you have learned and are passionate about spreading to others. Be the example and spread a good message for others to consider.
  • Narrate your current thoughts and the logic of your gameplay. This one is probably the easiest, especially once you get used to it. Its easy to narrate your actions.
  • Talk about upcoming events that matter to you that you want your audience to be aware of.
  • Constantly ask questions of your chat to keep them engaged. Its easy for them to get distracted and start doing something else. Engaging them with questions keeps them chatting and watching.

If you find yourself going mute during your casts make sure to remind yourself what is happening. Dead air. Remember that dead air is bad, and that if you are live, you need to BE THERE. Its easy to get sucked into a game and go mute for long periods of time without speaking. Never forget that YOU are the entertainer and that people watching are there for exactly that, entertainment.

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