Game Rebel

Community Update: Summer 2020

It has been quite the year for everyone, and Game Rebel. The world shut down, but Game Rebel continued to move forward, constantly pushing to grow and gain.

Today we talk about where we are, where we are going, and where we want to be. Including some needs we have going forward as a community and organization.

Currently our discord community sits at 4500 members! That is 2000+ new members in the past few months, which is absolutely incredible. We are hoping to hit 10,000+ members before the end of the year! The biggest explosion of new members came after we entered the realm of Valorant and began hosting our Game Rebel 10 Mans, and assembled our main Valorant esports roster. This has been an absolute blast and we are super happy with this new element being included in the community. We have plans to take our 10 mans even further as we continue to expand. Taking our esports team to larger and more competitive tournaments is also on the agenda.

Going forward we would like to expand our 10 mans program to League of Legends and Call of Duty, as our statistics show these games to be highly played by members in the community. We also want to do more cash tournaments and leagues, much like our previous ventures in Rocket League, Fortnite, Minecraft and PUBG. The $500 Game Rebel Pro League earlier this year was a massive success and we want to do this again, but for Valorant. Raising money from sponsors is the only way we will except funding, as self funding or funding from the community is no longer our interest.

Another major addition to the community we are currently developing is the Game Rebel Affiliate and Partner programs for streamers. Personally I spend a lot of time with streamers, helping them understand the game of streaming, and improve their craft so they can begin building their following. I would like to take this a step further and officially form a team of creators, with a system they can work their way up, learning more and more as they do. More details about this will come as we develop the program further. We want to make sure we do this right, focusing on helping streamers improve, rather than collecting them under a banner with no actual cause.

In addition to our affiliate and partner programs, Game Rebel is currently developing a music licensing platform for musicians and streamers. This will allow independent musicians to connect with live streamers, solving the music copyright problem that plagues the livestreaming community. This is a very ambitious product and cannot guarantee we will succeed, but goddammit we are going to try. More on this later. All I can say for now, is that we are assembling a team, and have a few core people already working.

Our long term goals remain the same. Grow our community and organization large enough to attract sponsorship and investment opportunities. We want Game Rebel to truly become an industry known lifestyle brand within esports and gaming. Our community code of excellence, self improvement, personal strength, makes us strong and focused. If we stay on our path, we will succeed.

This brings me to our current needs. If we are going to continue to scale Game Rebel, we are going to need more personnel. Below are the current positions we need to fill currently. To apply speak with myself on discord and we will conduct an interview.

  • High level Valorant players for esports tryouts (Immortal 2 and above)

  • Community Manager

    • Organizes weekly and nightly community events (tournaments, community nights, community meetings)
    • Ensures other staff are being consistent with their own duties
    • Ensures we maintain a positive and productive environment for our members
  • Moderators

    • Helps members with their needs and problems
    • Keep people civil with one another
    • Remove toxic members from the community
    • Enforce our community rules
  • 10 Mans Hosts

    • Host Valorant or League of Legends 10 mans and recruit players as needed to keep the games going
    • Maintains integrity of games and reports scores
    • Enforce 10 mans rules and take needed action again players breaking them
  • Developers

    • Custom discord bots (various)
    • Custom twitch bots (for stream team)
    • Web development (music copyright solution)
  • Stream Team Manager

    • Handles all incoming streamers requesting to join the team
    • Keeps streamers on track and focused on their craft
    • Ensures streamers on the team are following GR rules and guidelines
    • Organizes with the Community Manager for streamers to broadcast GR events
  • Social Media Manager

    • Manages the GR twitter / instagra / facebook pages.
    • Daily posts about community updates and events (new articles, new announcements, new major members, upcoming events, etc)
  • Partnered Streamer

    • This one is kind of off topic, but we need a partnered twitch streamer to join our org to help us create an official stream team on twitch.

If you are interested in fulfilling any of these position, please DM myself PapaStanimus in the GR Discord. Lets continue to grow and succeed together!


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