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game rebel 5000 members

Community Update: Fall 2020

It’s that time again my friends! Time for a new Game Rebel Community Update. This is the Fall update, although we are technically still in Summer. It legit started snowing outside here in Colorado, after it was just 101 degrees, and we have some big announcements, so screw it we do it now!

5,000 Discord Members

We have officially surpassed 5,000 discord members! With all the cool things we are doing, how could we not?! It’s quite the accomplishment and we are only just getting started. We have many new and fun things for the community to do, which will continue to engage those already here, and attract new members to join up. I would like to thank our 10 mans hosts for being one of the major driving forces of new members to our community!

To celebrate this great feat, we will be conducting a party in discord! We are calling it… The Great Game Rebel 5,000 Member Extravaganza! The party will be held on September 18th starting at 4PM Pacific. Our plans currently are to host Valorant 10 mans, Rocket League tournaments, League of Legends customs, and to stream a professional fight in the discord.

Some personalities you can expect to see are, yours truly, PapaStanimus, UglyDog_, D3athdance, PandaMan, Fizz, Kudi, K3anu SuperKamiZack, Shmacks, and so many more. This online meetup in the Game Rebel discord is expected to be our most active day in our servers history. See you there!


I am very proud to announce the official launch of Game Rebel Bounties!

What are bounties? Bounties are prizes put up for anyone in the community to claim by playing in our Rocket League tournaments or Valorant 10 Mans. Current prizes include Game Rebel merch, cash, ingame credits, random steam game bundles, and access to end of month tournaments. Each bounty has it’s own requirements members must reach before a claim can be initiated. And best of all, anybody can place their own bounty! Just talk to me and we can work out something dope for the community.

Valorant Bounties are conducting in our Valorant 10 Mans via the Game Rebel Discord. Simply register your valorant ID in the #register channel in discord with command “=register ‘valorant id’ “, and join a queue in the #ranked-queue channel with command “=join“.

Rocket League Bounties are acquired by playing in my “PapaStanimus tournaments”, which are held LIVE on my twitch stream and in discord. There are many different bounties listed on the Rocket League bounties page, and many are put up for the community on the spot just for fun. Earn credits, random steam games, cash and whatever else I or anyone else in the community is will to put up for a bounty.

I plan to expand how these work, and hopefully have them operate without being dependent to my stream being live. Perhaps also involving other streamers! Lots of possibilities with Rocket League going free to play very soon.

GLGR 10 Mans Tournament

In partnership with GLGaming Lounges, Game Rebel will be conducting an end of season cash tournament called “Pit of Valor” with a current prize pool of $200! To participate in the tournament, one must acquire a Tournament Key by reaching D+ Rank in Game Rebel 10 Mans custom games held in discord. Only one member per team is required to have a tournament key.

We plan on developing an interesting way for members of the community to contribute to the overall prize pool, perhaps a form of battlepass for 10 mans. Kind of how Dota2 generates their International Prize pools. We’ll keep everyone posted on this as we work on it.

This is a cool experiment we are trying, and we hope to provide a compelling cash tournament to conclude each season of our Valorant 10 mans! And also, we are always looking for new people to get and involved, and help evolve (hey that ryhmed) our community 10 mans.

Game Rebel Affiliate Program (Content Team)

After much planning, testing, and discussion, we have officially launched the GR Affiliate Program. It’s a program designed to help content creators help themselves. We give them goals, and rewards for achieving said goals.

Rewards include

  • 1 on 1 consulting with myself and other full time content creators in the program.
  • Access to our private content creator community in discord
  • Access to streaming opportunities provided directly from Game Rebel.
  • Access to a complete music library of thousands of licensed songs from independent musicians.
  • And much more

The mission is to make creators better at what they do. It’s lonely going this road alone, and its quite nice to have alleys at your side to help you develop better content for the people.

We currently have over 30 affiliated streamers, with 19 who have reached level 2 and are now listed on our official Twitch Team.

Entrepreneur, music lover, player of video games, and futurist.

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