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chrono trigger remastered

Chrono Trigger Remastered – Photoshop Speed Art

For the small amount of you who frequent this blog, you know that I love to share the cool things I find during my online journey through cyberspace. And many of you know how much I am absorbed in the “love everything Chrono Trigger” crowd.

I came across this “photoshop speed art” video created by 18 year photoshop veteran and youtuber TJ Townsend, and thought to myself, “Why does this video only have 21k views?”, to which I then decided to write an article to help spread awareness of this beautiful piece of art.

The video begins with that familiar CT tune and a quick demonstration of the differences between the original art piece and the recreation, and then quickly moves on to the art. It’s fascinating watching the art come to life, and watching the artist perfect his way to a conclusion. I have nothing else to say, I must let the art to the rest of the talking.

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