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Chrono Trigger MSU-1

Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time. I’ve bought and beat it on many platforms including SNES, Playstation, PSP and iOS, and still just can’t seem to get enough of it. The story, artwork, gameplay, and most importantly, the music, is pretty hard to match.

Which brings me to my point. A hacker by the name of DarkShock has released a MSU mod for Chrono Trigger that replaces all the chip based music in the game with full orchestral CD quality recordings. How cool is that?! With a simple patch and copy of the Chrono Symphony, you will be on your way to enjoying Chrono Trigger for the billionth time.

Patch file: https://www.mediafire.com/?6qsyi0tc18sizjv

Chrono Trigger MSU-1
Version 1.0
by DarkShock

This hack adds CD quality audio to Chrono Trigger using the MSU-1 chip invented by byuu.

The hack has been tested on bsnes-plus v073+1, higan 094 and SD2SNES. BSNES 070, 075 is NOT RECOMMENDED, use bsnes-plus v073.

For those playing on SD2SNES, you need to exit to menu using L+R+Select+X shortcut in order to save your game.

= Installation =

1. Buy Chrono Symphony album in FLAC format (http://www.thechronosymphony.com/). Extract them all to a folder.
2. Run make_music_pack.bat to create the music_pack
3. Create a copy of your original ROM named chrono_msu1.sfc
3. Patch the ROM using Lunar IPS or Floating IPS (http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=78938)

Please support the original author of the album. I known some sites will host the complete music pack in PCM format, I do not endorse them at all.

Original ROM specs:
4194304 Bytes (32.0000 Mb)
Interleaved/Swapped: No
Backup unit/emulator header: No
Version: 1.0
Checksum: Ok, 0x788c (calculated) == 0x788c (internal)
Inverse checksum: Ok, 0x8773 (calculated) == 0x8773 (internal)
Checksum (CRC32): 0x2d206bf7

= Using higan =
3. Launch it using higan
4. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Emulation\Super Famicom\chrono_msu1.sfc in Windows Explorer.
5. Rename program.rom to chrono_msu1.sfc
6. Copy manifest.bml and the .pcm file there
7. Launch the game

= Using on SD2SNES =
Drop the ROM file, chrono_msu1.msu and the .pcm files in any folder. (I really suggest creating a folder)
Launch the game and voil�, enjoy !

= Credits =
* DarkShock – ASM hacking & coding, music editing
* Blake Robinson – Music reorchestration

Special Thanks:
* Geiger – Chrono Trigger documentation
* zarradeth – Chrono Trigger music engine documentation

= Compiling =
Source is availabe on GitHub: https://github.com/mlarouche/ChronoTrigger-MSU1

To compile the hack you need

* bass v14 (https://web.archive.org/web/20140710190910/http://byuu.org/files/bass_v14.tar.xz)
* flac (https://xiph.org/flac/download.html)
* sox (http://sox.sourceforge.net/)
* wav2msu (https://github.com/mlarouche/wav2msu)

To distribute the hack you need

* uCON64 (http://ucon64.sourceforge.net/)
* 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/)

create_pcm.bat create the .pcm from the WAV files
decode_flac.bat decode the FLAC from the Chrono Symphony album
edit_audio.bat edit the audio using SoX
distribute.bat distribute the patch
make_music_pack.bat calls required bats for creating the music pack.
make.bat assemble the patch
make_all.bat does everything

Bonus: Check out 2Mello’s Chrono Trigger / Jay Z Mashup. It’s brilliant.

Bonus 2: There is a theory that Crono is actually JESUS!


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