Chrono Cross Epic Orchestral Medley


While browsing reddit I came across quite the treat. It’s an orchestral medley of Chrono Cross music that is just absolutely delightful. There is not much for me to say about this other than stop reading what I have to say and just listen to greatness. Oh and enjoy the fantastic artwork used as visuals selected by the creator.

This post is dedicated to @buckycarbon.

Tracks included in this medley:

  1. Beginning of a Dream
  2. Garden of the Gods
  3. Lost Pieces
  4. Another Overworld
  5. Termina Movement
  6. Marbule Movement
  7. Indulging Drowning Valley
  8. Lizard Rock
  9. Hydra’s Swamp
  10. Dilemma
  11. Boss Battle
  12. Fort Dragonia
  13. Dragon Rider
  14. World’s Navel
  15. Chonopolis
  16. FATE
  17. Dragon God
  18. Dead Sea
  19. Star Stealing Girl
  20. People Imprisoned by Destiny
  21. Guldove Movement
  22. Arni Movement
  23. Main Theme
  24. Finale/Radical Dreamers
  25. Scars of Time

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