Chronicles of Time: A Premonition


Chrono Trigger is a game that many of us 80s/90s kids believe to have one of the best soundtracks of all time. It was released 20 years ago and I recall being emotionally captivated by the adventure, music and art style of Chrono Trigger. To this day listening to the soundtrack brings back memories of sailing through time to save the planet. The music of Chrono Trigger has been replicated by thousands of musicians from all over the world, however, nothing compares to the newly released Chronicles of Time collaborative project created by the most talented VGM artists alive today. If you are a fan of the Chrono series then I must insist that you listen to this masterpiece. Personally I have listened to it three times through and am on my fourth go as I write this. Please, do yourself a favor and enjoy the genius that is Chronicles of Time: A Premonition.

To learn more about Chronicles of Time there are a few places you can check out:

A special shoutout to Marshall Art and Cory Johnson, my VGM heroes!

Special edit: If you enjoyed Secret of Mana back in the day you will be pleased to know that the same team that put together Chronicles of Time also made “Spectrum of Mana“!

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