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Chronicles of Time

Chronicles of Time: 5 Disc Album – Review

Holy Butts! The remaining discs of the Chronicles of Time album set have been released! Fully licensed and 2 years in the making, it’s a whopping total of 81 songs by over 200 musicians from all over the world, totalling 5 hours and 44 minutes of greatness. Included is a spectacular collection of over 50 art pieces depicting the game’s most memorable scenes and characters. All proceeds are to be donated to Doctors Without Borders!

Since my purchase on iTunes this morning, I am into my second complete playthrough and as I write this, I struggle to come up with words to describe just how great this album set is. So much love and passion was put into this project, that it’s difficult to imagine how it all came together. It’s the same team behind 2013’s Spectrum of Mana, which for fans of the series is a godsend of music.

The album’s five discs are cleverly sorted by Chrono Trigger’s time eras:

  1. Prehistory (Rock, fun, Primal)
  2. Antiquity (Synthesized, adventurous, Magical)
  3. Middle Ages (Natural, Worldly, Gentle)
  4. Present (Jazz, Soulful, Dance)
  5. Apocalyptic Future (Metal, Destruction, Dramatic)

Each disc has it’s own vibes and emotions. Big names such as Cory Johnson, Dale North, Marshall Art and Super Guitar Bros pop up periodically, giving the collaboration a great sense of homage and quality. Listening through, one can tell that every artist involved takes their craft very seriously, and every note was professionally performed and recorded. For something so great to spawn from a community of fans is a testament to just how good Chrono Trigger was, and how it inspired so many. If you are reading this and have not actually played Chrono Trigger, stop what you are doing, get on your smartphone or favorite mobile gaming device, and get this game and play it. It’s old, the graphics are nothing close to what modern day gamers expect, but it will change you. You will be forever affected by what many gamers today consider, the best game of all time.

The complete 5 disc collection of Chronicles of Time can be purchased at Loudr or iTunes. The original preview album Chronicles of Time: A Premonition can be streamed at Bandcamp.

You can also download the entire 327MB art collection here (do it, it’s worth it).

A big thanks to all the artists involved, and their friends who helped, for making such an emotional and memorable album. And to the man who, somehow, put this impossible stunt together, Nate Horsfall, Salut!

Ivan Hakstok
Claude D
Space Hammer
War K
Yes, Meyhem
Alyssa Menes
Patrick Kulikowski
The Inventions
The Hot Cats
Marshall Art
L Guapo
B Fresh
Kirby’s Dream Band
Alexander Brandon
Kevin Lin
Kunal Majmudar
Arc Impulse
Somewhere in Time
Cory Johnson
Dale North
Ashley Watts
Jer Roque
Yulia Nechaeva
Two Iron Fists
Super Guitar Bros
The World is Square
William Carlos Reyes
Emily Thompson
Videri String Quartet
Eight Bit Disaster
Super Soul Bros
Tim Yarbrough
Bruce Bonebrake II
Justin Taylor
Thad Stevens
Decendants Of Erdrick
Isaac Villareal
Jonathan Peros
Mega Beardo
Warriors of Time

And one last special thanks to Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, and Noriko Matsueda for using music to engrave themselves into our hearts.

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