Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

I've noticed that other sites and writers that have covered this top 10 subject have never really taken it seriously enough. In many cases I don't even think the writer played all the games they rank. So I decided to be the first person to attempt taking this particular top 10 subject seriously.

Number Chasers

Today I want to talk about number chasers. Games where the end goal is to take a group of number values and make them bigger via grinding/raiding. Games like Farmville and Diablo. In Farmville you constantly plant and grow crops, earning you points/exp that allow you to build a bigger farm, so you can make more points to keep up with the ever increasing point requirement to keep growing the farm. ...[Read More]

Old Man Link

Had a thought today and I just HAD to get it written out so I can share with my fam. Old Man Logan / Old Man Link. What if we took the premise from the Marvel Comic: Old Man Logan, and applied it to the world of Hyrule, creating “Old Man Link”? Nintendo would never do it. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Believe me. 👌 But what if? Wouldn’t that be essentially t...[Read More]

Retro 16bit Gaming Had Some of the Raddest Visual Effects

I was in the single digits when the SNES and the like released to the world, and was blown away with the things games were allowing you to do. Even more so, the way the games started to look and sound. Since then, we’ve come a long way in terms of graphics and realism, but for me, nothing can trump the memories of pure awe from the 90s.   Source of images.

Things That Can Fuck Off: Tomato, Feta and Bacon Ice Cream

Tomato, feta and bacon (all one flavor) ice cream has been trending for about a year after becoming somewhat popular in California. California is well known for birthing some fucked up shit. I tried a sample of it today. If the Original Sin that took place in the Garden of Eden had a taste, that would be it. That shit tasted like an affront to God. When I inevitably go to hell when I die, that fuc...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Remake: A Remaster or Complete New Game?

Back to the roots, we all remember “Resident Evil”, right? Especially 80’s and 90’s kids have spent a lot time with the survival horror genre back on the PlayStation 1. Personally, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I’ve spent hours and hours to master 100% of the game. I can still remember specific terrifying camera angles, when I’ve almost had a heart attack when I did...[Read More]

Steam Sales: The Conditioning

I remember when I was a kid, getting a new game was quite the quest. First, I had to put together car washing equipment (bucket, soap, sponge, hose nozzle, towels) and venture throughout the neighborhood asking people if they wanted their car washed. It would usually take me a whole weekend to make enough money to be able to afford a new game. I would have to wait a whole week for the next weekend...[Read More]

The story of Pixel Radio

Pixel Radio is a community gaming radio station that was launched in 2010 by a video game enthusiast who goes by the name of Pixel. I first discovered Pixel Radio while snooping around Grooveshark looking for a good stream of music to listen to while I worked. I saw the name “Pixel Radio”, and was intrigued enough to pop in. Personally, I really dig video game music so I popped it open...[Read More]

Why Space Engineers IS a Minecraft Clone

After I wrote my opinion piece titled “My Opinion on Minecraft Clones”, which essentially praised the existence of clones and their being responsible for making block building games an entire genre, the Space Engineers community got rather upset with my choice of vocabulary. They don’t want their game to be identified for what it truly is, a Minecraft clone. Today I am going to e...[Read More]

My Opinion on Minecraft Clones

In business, or even just life for that matter, when someone comes up with an extremely good idea, everyone and their mother copies them hoping to get a piece of the success and attention. It’s only natural and in my opinion, not such a bad thing. Here is why. When a great idea is born and sees some initial success, other people in search of opportunity recognize that success and try to repl...[Read More]

Steam Customer Support Sucks

Steam is a fucking wonderful thing. In my opinion, the greatest thing to happen to gaming, ever. Seriously! Steam sales, steam greenlight, in-game chat with friends, quality free-to-play games, cloud saves, insane download speeds, steam workshop, trading cards, the list goes ON AND ON! Steam is HUGE! Steam is life. However, Steam has a dark side. Steam’s customer support sucks! Terribly! You...[Read More]

My Opinion on Consoles

My opinion on consoles. Consoles are great affordable gaming devices. For people who can’t afford a $1,500 PC they are perfect. However, I believe consoles hold back the gaming industry in many ways. Consoles are designed to last around 10 years, and the problem with that is they are not modular like a PC. The hardware they are born with is the hardware they die with, so developers are force...[Read More]

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