Skyrim Jazz Cover (Far Horizons / Dragonborn) by Hey Listen! is a MUST Listen

Jazz and Skyrim fans. No brainer. Listen to it. Non-Jazz fans, welcome to jazz. It's rad. 

Mischief Makers Remixed – N64 EDM

Mischief Makers Remixed is a true treat and reminder of the time spent enjoying the frustratingly difficult game that is Mischief Makers on N64.

NieR: Glory to Mankind Full Album

Now before we get started, I must preface with the fact that I have never played any of the NieR games, although I was very tempted to purchase the latest installment and check it out. I am a big fan of the publisher behind NieR, and I am a big fan of Materia Collective releases. Since I have not played the game, I am going to reserve all judgement on comparisons between this fan album and the act...[Read More]

An Article Totally Not About the Abatron Soundtrack

This is actually not an article about the game Abatron, nor is it about the original soundtrack. Today we are talking about Nils Sinatsch, the musician.

Jillian Aversa’s Ocarina of Time with Lyrics

I discovered Jillian Aversa yesterday evening, and after a bit of research I found that Jillian was an up and coming VGM artist but went on a 2 year hiatus for unknown reasons. August 8th she reemerged with a stunningly beautiful expression of the Ocarina of Time Title Theme in her vision, and I must say, I like.

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X by Materia Collective

Materia Collective has released a new Final Fantasy album called SPIRA, featuring masterfully recreated/reinvented creations of all music from the legendary Final Fantasy X.

Chronicles of Time: 5 Disc Album – Review

Holy Butts! The remaining discs of the Chronicles of Time album set have been released! Fully licensed and 2 years in the making, it’s a whopping total of 81 songs by over 200 musicians from all over the world, totalling 5 hours and 44 minutes of greatness. Included is a spectacular collection of over 50 art pieces depicting the game’s most memorable scenes and characters. All proceeds...[Read More]

Chrono Cross Epic Orchestral Medley

While browsing reddit I came across quite the treat. It’s an orchestral medley of Chrono Cross music that is just absolutely delightful. There is not much for me to say about this other than stop reading what I have to say and just listen to greatness. Oh and enjoy the fantastic artwork used as visuals selected by the creator. This post is dedicated to @buckycarbon. Tracks included in this m...[Read More]

Chrono Trigger – Millennial Fair Mariachi Cover

Many of us are in love with Chrono Trigger for many reasons, but for most of us, it’s because of the music. It’s fantastically beautiful and inspiring. If you are a Chrono Trigger fan, check out this Chrono Trigger Mariachi cover that is epically performed.

5 Disc Final Fantasy VII Album “Materia”

Final Fantasy VII is my all time favorite game. It has been since I first played it in 1997. The graphics, music, adult teen demographic, steam punk themed story, characters, gameplay, artwork all blew 10 year old me away. My first experience with FF7 was watching my older step brother play a demo of the game, and witnessing the summon animations left me in awe. I had seen nothing else like it at ...[Read More]

Mother 4 (Earthbound 3) is Coming…

Who knows if Nintendo will ever make a true sequel to Earthbound on modern day systems with Ness and crew, but at least they made Mother 3 (Technically Earthbound 2 for GBA), and now a fan made sequel to Mother 3 is being made, appropriately named, Mother 4.  The project has been under development for quite some time now, and is, as it seems, nearing completion. The fan dev crew is a group of name...[Read More]

Super Guitar Boy “Gameboy Guitar”

The world is a wonderful place, full of talented people who make amazing things. fibbef s on Youtube has unvieled his latest invention, the Super Guitar Boy “Gameboy Guitar”. A fully functional guitar with a built in Gameboy / Gameboy Color. The instrumental masterpiece was created for the 2015 Bitfix Gameboy Competition and actually works! It comes with a D-Pad, A and B buttons and vo...[Read More]