Game Rebel

Bluehole PLEASE fix your game!

Like many other players of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, I am absolutely in love with the game. It’s just what millions of players needed after years of the same manufactured IP being rehashed over and over again. A fresh, new, and brilliantly crafted genre has just come out of infancy. Battle Royale is now a thing, and nobody, NOBODY, currently, does it better than PUBG. I’m hooked. I play every evening with my friends, always trying to perfect my play and earn that delicious chicken dinner. I plan on sinking a thousand plus more hours into this wonderful game.

With that said, myself and many others anger for this game also exists, and is amplified by our passion with playing. In such a competitive environment like PUBG, network lag, buggy vehicles, buggy parachuting, invisible walls and beyond, absolutely does not belong. Many players are becoming very frustrated with unfair deaths due to these bugs. It’s especially enraging when you are playing with friends, make it 20 minutes into a good match, and your excellent luck, skill, decisions are rewarded with someone being able to shoot you through a wall, or your vehicle spontaneously knuckle balling into the air. Additionally, issues such faulty invite system, party system, and matchmaking are far too common.

Speaking to the heads of Bluehole (if for some off chance this article comes across you), I have zero knowledge of your business circumstances, however many players including myself have these thoughts: “You’ve sold a ton of copies of this game and seem to have made a lot of money. Why are we still having these massive problems?”.

In conclusion: What can we as players do to help you solve these problems faster? Please use us to your advantage, and communicate with us. Many of us are very passionate about this game and want it to succeed and remain hyper popular for many years to come.

And finally, they say we tease the ones we love, so I leave you with this.

Yell at someone