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Black Ops 4 Dedicated Servers and Blackout Customs

To many of us, dedicated servers and custom games are very important, and so far we have not been able to get much information about black ops 4 dedicated servers and blackout customs, until now. In an exclusive video podcast with gameinformer, Treyach’s design director David Vonderhaar revealed not only why many decision are being made with the game, but also hinted at the idea of custom games via answering a question about disabling friendly fire. It’s a good feeling that they are at least thought about and are considering allowing gamers to host custom BR games. The new question is, will customs be available at launch or will they be brought in by update at a later date.

You can check out the video podcast with Game Informer and David Vonderhaar here (David hints at customs at 19 minute mark).

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