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streamers beware fake success

Beware of “Twitch Experts” who have unsuccessful streams

Beware of “Twitch Experts” who give advice but have unsuccessful streams. Many of these people have not actually put into practice what they preach, and only concerned with appearing as a thought leader.

Most of the advice is either regurgitated from another, or simply just wrong made up fantasy land advice, which is extremely dangerous. Some advice is based on some personal world view, or notion of what a twitch streamer should be. Some advice is philosophical in nature, and not business oriented in any way shape or form.

When talking to people who claim to know what it takes to succeed on twitch, a very useful tool at your disposal is SullyGnome. A website that tracks twitch stream stats! You can simply view a streamers past 7 day average to see what kind of numbers they are pulling. If someone is so capable, if their advice is what you need to be hearing, then they should have results to back it up, right? Here’s a direct link to my past 7 days streaming stats.


As you can see I have very healthy growth and engagement. The advice given out to people from this website, youtube channel, twitch stream, social media, etc, is all based off personal experiences. I have personally made many mistakes, and had many great successes. Before becoming an actual paid full time streamer, I had built and sold two very compelling and profitable companies. One in the music industry (not so different from streaming) and the other in aftermarket mass manufacturing. Prior to my entrepreneurial endeavors I spent 4 years in the military, and many years running a large gaming clan. With those successes I am quite proud of, I had many failures and experiences I am not proud of, but I own and have taken wisdom from.

I only advise on what I know and have personal experience in.

I am not trying to gate keep giving advice, however It’s quite frustrating when people who have their bills paid by day jobs, family, other things make twitch industry influential content on how to “go full time” with twitch. There is such an unrealistic expectation for what it takes to be full time, and it’s important for people to be transparent with peers and fellow content creators.


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