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Beware of Predatory Sponsorship Opportunities

Predatory sponsorship opportunities are everywhere and it’s your job as the streamer to sort through who is good for your stream, and who is not. Today we are going to talk about what to look for, and what kind of deals not to accept.

Before we get started let me first explain a bit of my history. I have owned two businesses, and employed over 2000 people. I have run my own sales and marketing departments, and have spent over a million dollars in advertising. Since becoming a streamer, I have interacted with many of these companies looking to “sponsor” / “partner” with small streamers, and have been able to identify their strategy, and why its a bad deal for streamers.

I have been approached by many of these companies and have been given many shitty offers. I’ve been offered 15% commission to sell shitty energy powder, I’ve been offered $50 to get 500 people registered to a website, I’ve been offered “partnership” in exchange for free advertising. All of these are bad deals.

Streamers like to feel validated and like they are accomplishing something. It makes sense that so many would not only accept these bad deals, but be very excited about it. They feel like they did a thing and are getting somewhere when approached by these companies. These companies prey on the ignorance and desperation of small streamers.

Most streamers do not have very good “selling power” and quite frankly, working with these “sponsors” is a waste of everyones time. Instead streamers should focus on creating content and growing their audience. There is not very much money in sponsorship at the lower level, however, if a real offer is presented, one that pays actual cash in exchange for advertising or time, then take it! Nothing wrong with making a few extra real bucks.

However the big thing to look out for is working for free. Companies want streamers to be free unpaid salesmen who only earn from commission. This is low risk for companies which is why they like it so much. Why should they pay if so many streamers are willing to work for free? Not to mention the free advertising. So many streamers are willing to slap an ad on their page so they can be considered “sponsored” or “partnered”. Buzzwords that mean absolutely nothing if you are getting the shit end of a deal.

These predatory companies depend on streamers being uninformed about what makes a good and bad deal. They depend on streamers being ignorant, and willing to work for free.

The moral of this article is to not work with these companies unless they pay you!

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