Automated Twitter Name: Show “🔴 Live Now” when you go live on twitch


Hackerman and robot enthusiast CodeSpent has created the coolest thing for twitch streamers who use twitter. Using an app called, you can now automatically show a “🔴 Live Now” tag in your twitter name that will also remove itself when you go offline. How cool is that?

Having a fancy tag like that place itself in your twitch name every time you go live allows everyone in your twitter circles to know you are live, giving you an extra edge over the competition. With this application you may never really need to post “go live” notifications again! We all know how annoying those can be.

The service is 100% free and is super easy to sign up. Simply visit and allow the service to connect to both your twitch account and your twitter account. From there, as long as Hackerman keeps things running smoothly, everything should just work automatically! Enjoy!

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