Nintendo Is Now Officially Old AF, Time to Celebrate

Nintendo is now 128 years old Time flies when you’re having fun. Founded September 23, 1889 when a young Japanese entrepreneur named Fusajiro Yamauchi planted the seed of an empire by opening a Hanafuda (flower card) shop called “Nintendo Koppai.” Hanafuda translates to “flower cards” and they are cards that are used to play many games such as Go-Stop or Koi-Koi: Even...[Read More]

Star Citizen: Hype it, or forget it?

If you haven’t been following this game, then it might be a good idea to start. Or maybe not. Up to you, r eally. Cloud Imperium Games, the developer behind Star Citizen, has a vision that will redefine the genre of space sims, giving players freedom and choices unlike any other game.