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Steam is a fucking wonderful thing. In my opinion, the greatest thing to happen to gaming, ever. Seriously! Steam sales, steam greenlight, in-game chat with friends, quality free-to-play games, cloud saves, insane download speeds, steam workshop, trading cards, the list goes ON AND ON! Steam is HUGE! Steam is life. However, Steam has

My opinion on consoles. Consoles are great affordable gaming devices. For people who can't afford a $1,500 PC they are perfect. However, I believe consoles hold back the gaming industry in many ways. Consoles are designed to last around 10 years, and the problem with that is they are not modular like a PC.

Final Fantasy 7 on iOS is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since the conception of the microchip. Okay, now that my immediate unfiltered thought is out of the way, let us digest this event and give it a proper review. Lets start with the facts. Final Fantasy 7 is easily regarded as

During our musical adventure with Chronicles of Time we discovered though the mastermind behind it all, Nate Horsfall, that there is a previous 3 disc album titled Spectrum of Mana paying tribute to Secret of Mana! 3 whole discs! Not to mention that Chronicles of Time will be a 5 disc set. WOW! Spectrum of Mana

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