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Interested in joining the Game Rebel Twitch group? No problem. Simply apply here and we will get back to you ASAP!

Below are a list of points describing the idea and rules. Everything below is subject to change based on discussion of everyone involved.

  • There is no revenue sharing. What everyone earns from their own channel, they keep. This program is not about sharing each other’s money or counting wallets. It’s about helping each other grow an audience.
  • During a live stream, a channel in the network is required to make an effort to give shout outs to other channels in the network of their choosing. It is recommended to choose your shout outs based on relevance rather than favoritism, however, it’s completely up to the individual who they want to send their own audience members to go check out.
  • “Home Base” is All streamers in the network should sign up at Game Rebel and make a community page for their stream. Talk to Stan about getting a blog account if you are interested in promoting your stream and other content via the blog.
  • It’s recommended that if the opportunity arises, tell other streamers about the network and the opportunities it provides. The bigger the network grows, the more everyone involved will benefit.
  • We don’t just accept anyone! For this to work, we need to ensure that the network provides quality content. We want serious and talented streamers only. No casuals.
  • Our immediate goal is to cover niche categories. Art, music, casual gaming, competitive gaming, newly released games, retro gaming, podcasts. Having a streamer dedicated to each category is ideal. We already have a few of these categories covered with very talented people 😉
  • Each channel in the network is required to list that they are a part of the Game Rebel Twitch Network in a panel under their stream. This artwork and information will be provided.
  • It’s recommended that you list other streams from the network in a panel as well. You can choose whoever you want.
    Helping each other out goes beyond shout outs and a Game Rebel badge below your stream. We as a team should provide each other with our own talents and resources to help each other grow. For example, Stan has access to hundreds of thousands of musicians from all over the world who can provide great music under license for free. He also has a vast marketing and advertising background. Jesse is an absolute freak when it comes to the love of artwork and will be happy to hook you up with some custom art. He is also an animator! Lucas has Pixel Radio and is prominent in the video game music scene. Tom is a talented musician with a strong passion for the EDM genre, which is very popular among gamers. Using our skills, talents and connections, we can help each other in the group.

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