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Alienware Alpha: A PC “Console”

As a PC and old school console gamer I have a special place in my heart for both realms of gaming. In my later years however, I have drifted more so into PC gaming as there is not much that differentiates consoles from computers besides graphics and computing power, pricing and proprietary games. I choose functionality and power. Emulating just about any console game from the PS2 and Wii on down to get my console nostalgia fix is pretty easy. In my opinion, PC’s are the superior gaming machine.

The problem with gaming PC’s is that they tend to get really expensive and most people cannot afford them. However, companies like Alienware and Valve are working on affordable solutions to draw in the console crowd to show them what they have been missing all these years. Recently Alienware revealed the “Alienware Alpha” compact PC. It’s the size and shape of a console, with the power of a lightweight gaming PC.

Looking at the specs, someone who assembled their own computer and consistently upgraded it’s components throughout the years, it’s not very interesting, however as a gateway machine to convert console gamers to the PC Master Race it’s absolutely perfect.

alienware alpha tiers

Alienware Alpha starting at $449.99

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