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Stan Price

Cloud (Stan), is an old school gamer and 80’s kid. He enjoys good old fashioned Japanese RPG’s and the many forms of the FPS genre. Please tell him to take a break and play more videos games on twitter or facebook.




  • Marko Bijelic1

    July 4, 2017

    Hi Game Rebel,

    I am the web and graphic designer looking for full time or contract work.

    I have personally designed and developed over 700 websites since 2006.

    Here is my portfolio website with latest examples of my work:

    In last 11 years, I have worked for some of leading brands of today like GitLab, Udemy, CrazyEgg, Tim Ferris, Naval Ravikant, Google, Samsung, Shell and Audi.

    I am available on Email/Skype/Phone/Basecamp/IM/Slack during EST (New York) business hours.

    Best Regards,
    Marko Bijelic


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