People of age don't usually play video games, nor do they normally even understand them. But when they do, I am always pretty fascinated by the fact that people born so long ago are able to enjoy something so new. It's beautiful. Shirley Curry is a 76 year old woman and the internet's' latest

I finished Paper Mario last summer on my Wii Virtual Console, and completely loved it! It was full of humour, charm, and a pretty interesting story. THe combat was engaging too, it never got repetitive or stale for me. I really enjoyed Kooper, and his character arc. I think I'd like to do more

One of my favourite newer RPG's is Lost Odyssey. The game is a tear jerker for sure, and it has a surpising amount of depth and humour in it's characters. Kaim at first comes across as a typical RPG protagonist: callous, a bit detached, you know the type. But he quickly reveals his true

Did this painting for an art collaboration a friend of mine put together. You can find the full collaboration at her tumblr blog here  I thought it would be neat if one of my favourite AC villagers, who is a little reclusive and strange, had a nostalgic softer side that he kept hidden or forgot

I love Starfox! I used to play so much N64 when I was a kid, and loved finding all the secret paths. Picked it up on the 3DS when I first got my console, and was not disappointed :D Follow me on the interbutts: Twitter Facebook Twitch

This is a little celebratory drawing of achieving 200 followers on tumblr, my original art blog. It commemorates late 2014 and early 2015, and shows some of the influences on my artwork, and kind of gives a snippet of what was going on in my life at that moment. When I hit 200, I

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